Thursday, July 16, 2009

Man Man

Last year Man Man played nearly-sold shows two nights in a row; one night in Manhattan, the next night in Brooklyn. But this time around we got it at 7:00pm right after work on a Thursday. For free. After almost two years of living here, there are still at least a couple of things that happen each week that make me stop and think to myself, "I love this town." I covered the event for

But first...

Henry Zebrowski FAIL

Sound check.

I'd be pissed about the giant piece of Komatsu digging equipment the East River Park management haphazardly left behind the stage, but this is Man Man. Fits the bill.

The die-hards brought their own props.

Almost two years ago, I remember riding the M train across the Williamsburg Bridge, listening to Van Helsing Boom Box. I had just graduated college, just moved to the city, I had no job, had absolutely no connections in the field I wanted to get in to, almost no money, a bunch of bills, and I'm pretty sure I was on my way to Target to buy an end table. I wondered sincerely if the scenery around would eat me alive.

Tonight I was able to watch this performance and see the same M train passing over the bridge from where I was taking these shots, knowing today that this city hasn't eaten me alive. Quite the opposite. It's been so abnormally good to me.

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