Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Super-Sad Sunday

Booze... cruise...

...equals BOOZE CRUISE!

At least, it can if you want it to. Some people call it the Staten Island Ferry. Those people weren't having nearly as much fun.


Eventually we made our way to Governor's Island and classed it up at a polo match, where Prince Harry fell off of his horse.

Everyone was drinking $70 bottles of champagne out of tiny plastic flutes. We opted for the more traditional beverage of warm gin and ginger ale from a water bottle. It's called a "Governors Island." Order one at your local bar. Remember: warm gin.


After playing with an interactive art exhibit, there's really not much to do but roll around on the ground until you laugh so hard that you cry...

...take pictures of your friends that they'll later beg you to delete...

...and pass out on the floor.

Goodnight, bug.

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